Annual Prayer Retreat

"Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 47:10 (NKJ)

For 14 years, the “Overcoming Death in Prayer” Prayer Retreat has been held in May; the first retreat was held in August 2003. The retreat is an appointed time of prayer, fellowship, praise and meditation on the spoken Word. The focus is spending time with God; listening to His spoken Word; being refreshed as we read His breath; asking Him to give us more clarity on expressions we have heard; and being still and silent to hear what He has to say to us. The focus of each session is not about the speakers but about what is spoken; the Lord wants to enlighten us regarding a message, a passage of scripture or topic. The sessions are springboards that propel us into our next time of prayer; they’re our guide for each day’s journey.


There are many deaths we face in our lifetime. We face physical deaths, deaths of situations, and deaths of relationships, to name a few. We can overcome every death that we face. Sometimes we overcome death before it happens; sometimes we overcome death while it is happening and sometimes we overcome death after it has happened.


A brief, very brief, summation of the above is, we can overcome death before it happens by operating in the grace we have been given by God, “the power to do”. We speak life to a person or situation and cause a person to live and not die and witness a change take place in a death situation. We can overcome death while it is happening by seeing the death process in motion and being unmoved and undismayed; we continue to do the work of the Lord. We can overcome death after it happens by increasing the fervency of ministry and embracing a task that fulfills the scripture “that all things work together for the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”


At the prayer retreat we are given invaluable tools of how to pray to overcome death. This retreat is a challenge for us to stamp it in our heart that we must pray expectantly, we must pray combatively, and we must pray decisively. When we gather to pray we pray universally, when we gather to pray we represent the Church. So, when we gather to pray we should anticipate God to “awe” us. We must believe what we pray if we are to overcome death.


We pray that you will take flight with us during this time of refuge each year and enjoy the blessings of the Lord, corporately. Join us at the 2016 Overcoming Death in Prayer, Prayer Retreat.


Blessings of the Lord unto you.



2016 Retreat Info

May 26-29, 2016
The Villages Resort
Tyler, Texas 

Phone: 817.535.5646

For more info, email: