2015 Overcoming Death Leadership Conference

The 2015 Overcoming Death Leadership Conference, November 11-12, encapsulated the celebration and confirmation services for our Apostle.  Archbishop Clarence Davis and Bishop Robert Smith were the presiding prelates.

It was an awesome privilege to witness God stamp in the earth what was already declared in the heavens.

Our Honoree Banquet was held on Friday, November 13 at Rolling Hills Country Club.  We heard from the Foundation which included Archbishop Davis, Bishop Smith, Bishop BE George and Superintendent Henry Johnson.  The keynote speaker was Dr. Carolyn Smith of Little Rock, AR.  She blessed attendees with the rhema word "Grace Feeders" as she thanked the honorees for feeding their grace into the younger generation.  She also encouraged the younger to seek out this grace from the more seasoned Saints in the Lord.

It was a glorious time in the Lord.





 Book Release

On Wednesday, during the Celebration Services, we released the first book from Apostle L. C. Alexander

"There Doesn't Have to be
Drama in the House"

You can request a copy for only $9.99 via email at info@eswoconline.org